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We are NRI-Friendly too

Lavori Di Homes take immense pride in being an NRI-friendly interior design company. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by our Non-Resident Indian clients when it comes to managing home projects from afar. Our dedicated team is well-equipped to provide seamless services, ensuring that the distance between us is never an obstacle in creating your dream living space.

Clear Communication Channels: Effective communication is key to a successful long-distance collaboration. At Lavori Di Homes, we utilize various communication channels such as video calls, emails, and instant messaging to keep you involved throughout the entire design process. We understand the importance of timely updates and feedback, and our team ensures that you are always in the loop. 

Virtual Design Presentations: As an NRI, it may not always be possible to visit our design studio in person. However, that doesn't mean you miss out on visualizing your dream space. We leverage advanced technologies to create virtual design presentations that allow you to explore and experience your future home virtually. You can review the designs, materials, and color schemes from anywhere in the world, making the decision-making process convenient and interactive. 

Project Management Excellence: Our team excels in project management, overseeing every aspect of your interior design project with precision. From coordinating deliveries to supervising on-site work, we take care of all the details, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly and according to plan. 


Our services for NRI clients

  • Best interior service providing high-quality materials, furniture, and home decor items at competitive prices. We have the ability to navigate the local market, ensuring that the design meets the client's expectations and budget.
  • By offering exterior design and renovation services, we can help NRI clients with outdoor living spaces with well-designed and functional landscaping services, patio or deck design, outdoor furniture selection, and other related services.
  • Collaboratively develop a concept that aligns with your personal style, cultural background, or specific interests, such as modern, traditional, rustic, minimalist, coastal, or any other theme. In Exterior Design, Consider factors such as architectural elements, colors, materials, landscaping, and lighting to create an inviting and cohesive exterior that sets the tone for the overall theme. For Interior Design, Pay attention to color schemes, furniture selection, lighting fixtures, flooring materials, window treatments, and decorative elements that enhance the theme's aesthetic appeal.
  • We will arrange flats for you by utilizing technology such as video calls, online design tools, and virtual reality to provide a realistic visualization of the design concepts.
  • We can arrange land at any place in Kolkata, hillside, riverside, seaside, forest side, village side, urban area, or city area.
  • We can make Theme based bungalows, Villas, guest houses, lodges, farmhouses, and so many creative works as per requirement.
  • We can also help and will do complete business setup and all commercial work for NRI people, for this we can also arrange land, shops, or showrooms in malls or business places, etc.
  • We also can provide digital marketing support for your business. Provides regular updates, progress reports, and clear communication channels to keep NRI clients informed throughout the project. This helps build trust and confidence in our services.
  • Also, we have cleaning and pesticide services.
  • We also have AMC service highlighting our understanding of local building codes, regulations, and permit requirements. Ensure that our designs and execution comply with all necessary regulations, providing peace of mind to NRI clients regarding legal and safety aspects.

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